Caffè Molinari Bio 100% Arabica Coffee Beans combines the taste of an excellent Italian coffee, thanks to the precious experience of Caffè Molinari in selecting the best blends, with attention to ethical and conscious consumption. In fact, 100% Molinari Bio Arabica coffee comes for the most part from organic farming in Central and South America and is cultivated with “natural” methods that preserve its unmistakable aroma. The particular preparation, therefore, together with the choice of the best coffees, guarantees the freshness and goodness of a superior quality product.

Molinari coffee for ethical consumption: Caffè Molinari has combined in a single product the origin from organic farming with a fair and solidarity character. Drinking quality coffee therefore also becomes a daily act to align with a global project of ethical consumption. For the support of coffee farmers and the protection of our planet’s natural resources.