GOGOSHOPPES Affiliate Program

Why become our Affiliate? | 为什么成为我们的消费商?

Everyday, people purchase products & necessities online. People around you including yourself do so.

By joining us as an Affiliate, you can make some cash allowance by simply sharing our products with your friends and family members!




  • A wide selection of products
  • Constant on-boarding of new brands & products
  • Competitive pricing
  • Premium & Authentic products
  • 产品种类繁多
  • 不断推出新品牌与产品
  • 具有竞争力的产品价格
  • 优质与正品 (我们拥有品牌授权或产品链路)

How to sign up? | 如何注册?

  1. Go to our website
  2. Click on Affiliate Area or Be Our Partner
  3. Fill up the form to register
  4. You will receive an email with your own link for sharing
  1. 访问到我们的网站
  2. 点击网页右上角的消费商按钮
  3. 填上简单的注册表格
  4. 您会收到注册成功的电邮

How to promote or market to your friends? | 如何向您的亲朋好友推广或营销?

  1. Log in through Affiliate Area with your username & password
  2. To share the website in general: just copy the referral link you see on the dashboard! Example:
  3. To share a specific product: go to any product page and scroll down to “Affiliate URL” tab.
  4. Just copy the referral link you see in the tab! Example:
  5. Send your referral link to chat groups or social media posts!
  1. 消费商页面登录
  2. 想要推广我们的网站,只要登录后复制推荐链接即可。例如:
  3. 想要推广个别产品,浏览到产品页面里的”Affiliate URL”标签
  4. 复制标签里的推广链接即可。例如:
  5. 您可以把推荐链接传到您的聊天群或放在社交媒体帖子上!

How to get your sales allowance? | 如何查询已赚取的金额?

  1. Register a PayPal account using the same email address as the one registered on GOGO SHOPPES
  2. Check your pending sales allowance at “Referrals” page
  3. Payout will be done on weekly basis to your PayPal account
  4. Processed payouts can be viewed under the “Payouts” page
  1. 在PayPal注册一个个人账号, 切记PayPal电邮地址必须与您的分销商账号电邮地址一致
  2. 您可以在”Referrals”页面查询已赚取的金额
  3. 未支出的金额将在每周支出到您的PayPal账号
  4. 已支出的金额会在“Payouts”页面显示